RIDEX’s visitors:

  1. Official delegates (military) from Brazil and other countries;
  2. Generals and higher ranking officials of the Three Armed Forces of Brazil and other countries;
  3. Military attache of Defense and Police;
  4. Chiefs, Secretaries, Superintendents and Delegates of the Police from Brazil and other countries;
  5. Ambassadors;
  6. Former and current servicemen of the Armed Forces and of the Public Safety Forces;
  7. Authorities and employees from the Brazilian government and other countries;
  8. Executives from the Defense, Security and Offshore Industries;
  9. Executives from Government Agencies and Service Contractors;
  10. Federations and Unions;
  11. Specialized media (national and international);
  12. Students from Military Academies;
  13. University students and Graduates from several areas.

Additional Information:

  1. The attire must be compatible with a business environment;
  2. According to the Children and Teenager Statute (ECA), the entry of any person younger than 18 years of age is prohibited, even if accompanied.;
  3. The event will be filmed and photographed by the organization e the images may be shown on the internet and digital, print and electronic media;
  4. All of the visitors to the fair must carry a government issued photo ID (ID card, driver’s license, military ID or passport);
  5. The access of people armed with any type of weapon to the RIDEX area is prohibited, according to Law n. 2526/96;
  6. The name of your company or institutions can be used in the RIDEX communications;
  7. Foreigners - We recommend verifying with the Brazilian Embassy or Consulate in your country if visas are needed to enter Brazil.