Lectures RIDEX & Bid Brasil 2018

Lectures: The Armed Forces and the Brazilian Industrial Base of Defense

Panelists: VA PETRONIO (Navy) Gen Div CHALELLA (Army) Maj Brig ALAMEDA (Air Force) Frederico Aguilar (ABIMDE)

Moderator: Admiral of the Fleet (FN-Ref) Alvaro Augusto Dias Monteiro, President of the Center for Political-Strategic Studies of the Navy.
Date/Time: 28-06 / 10:30h – 12h.

Lectures: The Army’s Strategic Portfolio – New Capabilities to the Brazilian Army

Lecturer: EME/Gen Bda Cmb Ivan Ferreira NEIVA Filho - Chief of the Army’s Office of Projects

Lectures: Cybernetic Defense

Lecturer: EME/Gen Div Cmb Guido AMIN Naves - Commander of Cybernetic Defense


Date/Time: 28-06 / 13h – 14:30h.

Lectures: The challenges of Public Safety

Lecturer: MESP/Directors of the DPF, PRF, National Secretary of Public Safety, DDP

Date/Time: 28-06 / 15h – 17h.

Lectures: Brazilian Strategic Space Program, under management of CCISE

Lecturer: Maj Brig Ar Luiz Fernando AGUIAR - President of the Commission for Coordination and Implementation of Space Systems.

Lectures: Strategic Projects of COMAER, under management of COPAC

Lecturer: Brig Ar Marcio Bruno BONOTTO - President of the Coordinating Commission of the Fighter Aircrafts Program - COPAC


Moderator: Brig Eng Ronaldo YUAN - Assistant of the Air Force in the War College - ESG

Date/Time: 29-06 / 10:30h – 12h.

Lectures: A situational analysis about the naval construction industry in Brazil and its acting segments: offshore sector, ships, military vessels, boats for offshore maritime support, barges, pusher boats and towing boats

Moderator: Mr. Joao Azeredo

Date/Time: 29-06 / 13h – 14h30.

Lectures: Maritime Security in the South Atlantic: challenges and implications to the naval forces project and to BID

Lecturer: CMG (RM1) William de Sousa Moreira

Date/Time: 29-06 / 15h00 – 16:10h.

Lectures: Acquisition systems and management models for the life cycle of Defense products

Lecturer: CF (IM) Andre Luis De Almeida CORTES (DGePM) and CMG (EN) Rogerio Correa Borged (COGESN)

Date/Time: 29-06 / 16h20 – 17h.